About us

A little bit about us…

Hey, I’m Tina. the petite posy shoppe started while on maternity leave with my baby number 2. Needing to find a more suitable balance between work and motherhood, I decided to embrace my creative side after 13 years in the corporate world. After studying floristry while on maternity leave I found my passion and hence the petite posy shoppe was born. Five years on and it is still my love and passion and the best decision I have ever made.

Every event is different and that’s what makes it exciting and why I love what I do!

When it comes to weddings, I love to sit down with my couples and get an understanding of their “dream” wedding. This allows me to really get to know them, know their style and work with them to make their budget work. I aim to make their wedding flowers what they had envisioned and hopefully even better than what they had dreamed!

My team and I pride ourselves on creativity, attention to detail, customer service and knowledge of flowers. We only buy the freshest quality flowers from our trusted growers to create unique floral arrangements for your event.

“Tina was absolutely amazing to deal with! It was like she read my mind; she ran with the vague brief I gave her, she flexed when I changed my mind and no ask was ever too big for her to tackle. Ultimately, the flowers she provided for my wedding were the stuff of dreams; I couldn’t have imagined the beautiful arrangements she came up with or how well it all hung together on the day. Everyone loved the flowers so much; we sought out excuses to hold dinners and breakfasts with our friends to show off the flowers again and again. Thank you Tina!”